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Loretta, 36 years old, Lawyer, Fort Worth

After the birth of my child, I started to experience pain because of my underwear rubbing and also during intercourse. My doctor recommended vaginoplasty, so I didn’t’t hesitate.


Vaginoplasty can have a significant impact on the quality of life, especially when the muscles of the vagina have been stretched or weakened by the birth of one or multiple children. For many women, it can be embarrassing and lead to difficulties or lack of satisfaction during intercourse. The weakened muscles of the vagina also sometimes cause a tugging or rubbing feeling, especially in tight clothes. In rare cases, exercise can help tighten the muscles of the vagina, but surgery can definitely tone and tighten the muscles and tissues.


Vaginoplasty is recommended for women suffering from the distension of the muscles of the vagina. It can cause urinary incontinence. The procedure helps patients regain confidence and quality of life for those who lost one or both. It is advised to wait one year after the birth of your children before considering the surgery.


Vaginoplasty restores strength, contraction and control of the vagina. Stretched muscles can be brought together with sutures and excess skin can be trimmed if necessary, it helps tighten surrounding tissues and muscles.


A one night stay at the clinic is usually necessary for the procedure.


The surgery is carried with the patient under general anesthesia.


Read the information sheet about vaginoplasty.


After surgery, the diameter of the vagina is reduced and the muscles are tightened, its structures are restored to their ‘pre-pregnancy’ state. The duration of the recovery varies from one patient to another, but soreness and swelling and systematic, therefore intercourse is not allowed during a month and a half. Patients can resume work after a week. Final results are expected three weeks after surgery.


A 5 nights/6 days is usually planned for a vaginoplasty.


An orderly will provide you with postoperative care once you’re discharged from the clinic. A control visit with your surgeon will be scheduled before your departure.


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