Weight loss really messed up my belly

Aiesha, 54 years old, Saleswoman, Trois-Rivières

I couldn’t lose weight despite all the diets I went through so I had a gastric sleeve surgery and lost almost 180 pounds. I don’t want to hide my body under clothes anymore, that’s why I decided to get a tummy tuck.

Tummy tuck results


The tummy tuck procedure (or abdominoplasty) addresses the bulging stomach as well as the sagging distended skin often seen in the belly area after massive weight loss or significant weight fluctuations. Based on the severity of skin laxity, a traditional or a mini tummy tuck may be used in order to flatten the stomach.


Men and women presenting with skin laxity can ask for the procedure. Skin laxity, stretch marks and stomach protrusion often become a problem after multiple prengnancies and births for women. Liposuction alone can’t address the pregnancy pouch and excess skin, this is where the tummy tuck comes in.


Surgical technique

The procedure aims at removing damaged skin (distended or with stretch marks) and tighten up the remaining healthy skin. Liposuction may be added to the procedure in order to remove fat deposits from the stomach region whereas distension of the underlying muscles causing the belly to bulge (diastasis recti) can be treated by tightening the separated muscles back together. Most procedures remove a crescent of skin including the most damaged skin between the navel and the pubic region. This results in a flat and toned abdomen with good skin quality. The navel can be repositioned when a significant amount of skin was removed. The resulting scar runs along the bikini line but is easily hidden by underwear.


Tummy tuck patients are hospitalized during 2 to 3 nights, strong painkillers will provide relief from any pain or discomfort during the initial stage of the recovery.


Tummy tuck surgery is almost always performed under general anesthesia.


Read the information sheet about tummy tuck.


Bandages remain in place for about 2 weeks. Patients also have to wear a compression garment during a month (day and night) in order to reduce the postoperative swelling and maintain the abdominal sutures in place. The scar is pink at first but fades really well over time. Exposure to sunlight must be avoided for the scar the heal properly and exercise must wait until 6 weeks after surgery.


Tummy tuck patients usually stay at the clinic / hotel during 6 nights and 7 days.


During your recovery, postoperative care is carried out by on of our orderlies. A follow-up visit with your surgeon will be scheduled the day before your departure.


The price of the procedure is 2900 €, that includes all the consultations, the surgery, the compression garment, the 5 stars hotel stay and transportation.


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