With our ‘Freely’ package, you can choose your destination in Tunisia (Tunis, Hammamet, Djerba, etc.) as well as your place of stay (hotel, guest house, friends, etc.). In addition to that, you will benefit from the perks of our all-inclusive offer :

  • Firm quote : no hidden costs, no surprises. If any postoperative complication was to occur, the necessary additional treatments / care, and possibly the extended hospitalization won’t be charged.
  • Revision guarantee : if the result of the procedure is objectively unsatisfying, we offer a revision procedure.
  • Special treatment : by the surgeon and the medical staff.
  • Assistance : at the clinic where our team constantly looks after the quality of our patient care.
  • Schedule : your appointments and reservations are scheduled in advance.

We provide transportation between your place of stay, the clinic and the airport in a car or a mini bus with air-conditioned. Please note that we will only drive you if you’re staying in Tunis or Hammamet.

This package is well suited for our hair transplant, dental care and eye laser patients, but also for patients requesting bariatric surgery and less invasive cosmetic procedures. If you travel in Tunisia for an invasive surgery, we advise you to choose our all-inclusive package.

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