Living alone and nobody can look after you following your surgery ? You want to get your surgery at the same time as your companion ?

Estetika Tour has developed with its partnering surgeons, clinics, medical staff and hotels customized care for our senior patients.

Our senior package makes your surgery possible !

Assistance and psychological support before and after the surgery,

Less invasive procedure with a natural result that perfectly suits our senior clientele,

Our partnering Tunisian surgeons have a good reputation. They have been trained in France and have been practicing cosmetic surgery for 20 years. They are well aware of the challenges associated with older patients and have ajusted their technique to offer them optimal results.

Our medical staff is caring, French or Tunisian and specifically trained to treat foreign senior patients.

A personal assistant will be by your side during your whole stay, from your arrival to your departure.

Preoperative consultation : there are two ways to proceed :

Online consultation

Some patients chose to fill in the personal quote form, which includes medical history and photos. After a telephone conversation, the surgeon makes a first medical assessment to determine of the surgery is feasible, to suggest a procedure and prepare a quote. This ‘pre-consultation’ is completed by medical exams before the patients comes to Tunisia. The actual preoperative consultation with the surgeon will take place in Tunisia before the surgery.

Preoperative travel

Other patients chose to spend a few weeks in Tunisia to consult one of our partnering surgeons. A quote is prepared and the date of the surgery can be scheduled. The surgery will be performed during the patient’s next trip to Tunisia. This method allows patients to establish a relationship of trust with the surgeon and to be sure about the decision to undergo the procedure of their choice.

The hotel hosting you during your recovery is used to having senior clientele and cosmetic surgery patients. You won’t have to clean or cook. The only thing you will have to do is relax, heal and enjoy Tunisia’s weather.

At the end of your recovery, you can choose to extend your stay in the city of your choice (Hammamet, Sousse, Monastir, Djerba, Zarzis, etc.)


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