I can't stand my nose anymore

Joao 32 ans, Coach sportif, Madrid

Since i was a teenager, i’ve been self-conscious about my nose. Because of it, i’m not confident and i have a bad self-esteem. I’m 32 years old and i have problems with relationships so i decided surgery was the best way to change that.

Rhinoplasty results


Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is designed to balance the proportions of the different parts of the nose : the tip, the profile, width, with the rest of the face (forehead, chin and cheekbones).


When the shape or size of the nose causes psychological distress, rhinoplasty is used to address the issue permanently. Patients asking for this procedure usually complain about the size of their nose, the nasal bump, the lack of definition of the bridge, the lack of projection of the tip and the size of the nostrils.


Surgical technique

During the procedure, the surgeon reshapes the cartilage and the bone lying under the skin. In most cases, the incision used to access these tissues is located in the nostrils, which makes it completely hidden. In other cases, an incision in the columella can be necessary to carry out the procedure. This second approach is used with complex cases such as secondary rhinoplasty performed to correct an unsuccessful previous nose surgery. Each part that composes the nose can be precisely reshaped. When the septum of the nose is deviated and causes difficulty breathing, the procedure can restore proper breathing function. The tip of the nose can be improved by reshaping it’s cartilage ; it can be reduced or augmented in size. The width and height of the nose can be reduced by two lateral ostetomies and the nostrils can be reduced by excising skin sections.


Rhinoplasty patients are usually hospitalized for 1 night.


The procedure is carried out under general anesthesia.


Read the information sheet about rhinoplasty.


Packing of the nose can cause discomfort during the first day following the procedure. Swelling and bruising under the eyes will start subsiding after a few days. When the deviated septum is treated, silicone splints might have to stay in place during 10 to 14 days. The final result usually appears after 3 months, although it might take longer for the swelling to completely disappear.


For our rhinoplasty patients, the duration of the stay is 5 nights/5 days in order for the surgeon to insure that you are healing well with proper postoperative care.


Your surgeon and his team will take care of you during the hospitalization. Postoperative care will be carried out by our caregivers at your hotel room once you’ve been discharged.


We offer you the services of nose surgery specialists for 2000 €. This includes consultations, the anesthesiologist’s fee, the procedure, your stay in a luxury hotel as well as transportation and postoperative care. The only things that are not included in our all-inclusive offer are the plane ticket and the extras at the hotel such as drinks and phone calls.


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