Cosmetic surgery in Tunisia 2018 prices

The prices indicated below are only applicable with our All-inclusive cosmetic travel package which includes your hospitalization, your surgery and your hotel stay. In order to know the prices of our other packages, please contact us.

You won’t have to pay anything more than what’s indicated in your personal quote. There is no hidden costs. Ask for your personal quote for free.

Special offer : save 50% on your second treatment (provided the two procedures of your choice can be done during the same operation and by the same surgeon).

* Recommended duration of stay in Tunisia

Cosmetic surgery proceduresStarting pricesDuration of stay (*)

Facial procedures

Facial fat grafting1600€1750CHF4
Face & neck lift 2600€2850CHF6
Face & neck + 4 eyelids lift3100€3400CHF7
Neck liposuction1600€1750CHF5
Eyelid surgery (2 upper or lower eyelids)1300€1400CHF2
Eyelid surgery (4 eyelids)1900€2100CHF3
Chin surgery1900€2100CHF5
Ear surgery1900€2100CHF5
Lip augmentation with fat grafting 1350€1500 CHF3
Hyaluronic acid injections 320€  350CHF1
Botox injections320€  350CHF1
Laser eye surgery1950€2100CHF3

Breast procedures

Breast augmentation (round implants)2400€2550CHF5
Breast augmentation (anatomical implants)2500€2700CHF5
Breast augmentation with fat grafting2500€2700CHF5
Breast implants replacement (round implants)2400€2550CHF5
Breast implants replacement (anatomical implants)2500€2700CHF5
Breast lift (without implants)2300€2450CHF5
Breast lift (round implants)2600€2800CHF5
Breast lift (anatomical implants)2700€2950CHF5
Breast reduction2400€2550CHF5
Gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction)1900€2000CHF4
Pectoral implants (for men)2800€3050CHF5

Body procedures

Arm lift2200€2400CHF5
Tummy tuck2900€3150CHF7
Abdominal liposuction2200€2400CHF5
Liposuction (small)1900€2000CHF4
Liposuction (medium)2100€2250CHF5
Liposuction (extended)2300€2450CHF5
Liposuction of the inner thighs2400€2600CHF6
Buttock lift2400€2600CHF6
Buttock augmentation with implants (round implants)2800€3100CHF6
Buttock augmentation with implants (anatomical implants)3000€3300CHF6
Buttock augmentation with fat grafting (Brazilian Butt Lift)2500€2750CHF5
Calf augmentation with implants2900€3200CHF5
Endovenous laser (varicose veins treatment) for 2 limbs2100€2300CHF2

Intimate cosmetic surgery

Labial reduction1600€1750CHF1
Hymen reconstruction900€1000CHF1
Penis enlargement1900€2200CHF4

Our All-inclusive cosmetic surgery packages include :

Your procedure :

  1. Preoperative consultation in Tunis
  2. Surgeon and anesthesiologist’s fees
  3. Clinic expenses
  4. Possible implants, compressive garment (bra or body)
  5. Postoperative care at the clinic and at your hotel room as well as pharmaceuticals
  6. Preoperative consultation in Tunisia before your departure
  7. Revision procedure guarantee in case of unsatisfactory result
  8. Free postoperative follow-up with your surgeon during 1 year

Your stay :

  1. Assistance, from the moment you arrive at the Tunis-Carthage airport to your departure
  2. Recovery in a 5 stars hotel : single room and full board
  3. Free Wi-Fi so you can talk to your loved ones
  4. No extra charge on room service at the 5 stars hotel
  5. Individual transfers : airport / hotel and hotel / clinic

Our All-inclusive cosmetic surgery package does not include the following :

  1. Flight ticket (it costs about 250 euros on a regular flight from France, Switzerland and Europe)
  2. Lymphatic drainage (optional)
  3. Preoperative medical exams if you choose to do them in Tunisia
  4. Personal expenses (extras at the hotel or at the clinic such as drinks, phone calls, etc.)


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