I feel my penis is too small

Austin, 31 years old, computer scientist, Virginia Beach

I’m embarrassed about the size of my penis so I decided to get an enlargement.


Penis enlargement is a well-performing surgery. The result, that can vary from one patient to another, is clear with no complication, discomfort or pain.


Surgical technique

The elongation of the penis is produced by severing the suspensory ligament at its junction with the pubic bone. It should be noted that this elongation of the penis is only visible at a state of rest, the surgery does not change the length of the ‘corpus cavernosum’ (cavernous bodies) responsible for the erection.


The penis enlargement surgery lasts 30 minutes to an hour, patients usually stay overnight at the clinic.


The result is visible the next day, even if the penis is temporarily deformed and an edema has developed. Generally, the elongation of the penis is 2 to 4 centimeters, it depends on the penile anatomy of the patient.


Painkillers are sometimes used during a few days following surgery. Daily routine can resume after one week. Sexual activity must be interrupted during 4 weeks.


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