My face is chubby

Nicole, 49, Ophthalmologist, Toulouse, Londres

I lost weight, but my face is still chubby so I want to slim down my neck and chin.


In order to improve symmetry and balance of the face, a lot of patients want to slim down their overloaded chin and neck. When these areas accumulate fat, the face loses its definition and gracefulness. Liposuction can be used to create graceful transition between the neck and the jawline. Whether it’s a double chin or a lack of definition in the jawline being detrimental to the beauty of the face, liposuction is the answer.


When you gain weight, the face is often the first area showing it. The cheeks ‘fill up’, the neck widens et the chin accumulates excess fat. When you lose weight on the other hand, the chin and neck are the last to slim down. For patients with a stable weight, the double chin is often hereditary. The neck and chin are the most problematic areas of the face. Liposuction can treat the entire region located under the line between the ears and the corners of the mouth including a portion of the cheeks, the jowls, the jawline, the chin and the neck.


Surgical technique

Liposuction is performed with cannulas which are inserted in the treatment area to break down fat cells and suction them out of the body. When it comes to the chin and neck, liposuction must be performed with great restraint because excess fat in these areas aren’t as significant as those located in the abdominal region for instance. A little fat removed can make a big difference. The procedure is more about sculpting the the neck and chin than removing as much fat as possible. Our facial liposuction experts will make sure that the treated areas aren’t distinguishable from the untouched ones.


Neck liposuction patients usually stay at the clinic for one night, but it can be performed as an outpatient procedure.


General anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation can be used to perform the surgery.


Swelling and bruising are systematic, but they usually subside after 20 days. A dressing will cover the treated areas during the first few days following the surgery. Even though it is possible to return to work after a few days, it is preferable to rest for a week. Patients must take a break from exercise during at least two weeks. The final result usually appears 3 months after the surgery.


Read the information sheet about liposuction.


Breast reconstruction patients usually stay 5 nights / 6 days in Tunisia.


Once discharged from the clinic, you can go back to your hotel room where postoperative care is provided. Your surgeon will check up on your recovery before your departure.


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