I want to reshape my body and feel prettier

Jasmine, 34, Lawyer, Dallas

I’ve put on weight during college mainly because of stress. I’ve tried exercising and diets, but my body can’t seem to slim down noticeably. I’ve always been chubby, but now I have troubles accepting my body. I hope liposuction can help me reshape it so I can feel confident and good about myself.

Liposuction results


Liposuction removes fat deposits that persist despite regular exercise and diets. The procedure can treat different areas of the body : neck, saddle bags, hips, abdomen, thighs, and many others.


Candidates for liposuction ideally have a stable and normal weight, but are troubled with displeasing fat deposits in specific areas. Sufficient skin elasticity is important for the skin to ‘bounce back’ once the fat has been removed. Liposuction is not a tool for weight loss.


Surgical technique

The fat in the treatment area is liquefied by the injection of tumescent fluid. Short incisions are made to insert a thin hollow steel tube called cannula in the fat layer and suction the fat of the area out of the body. The scars resulting from these shorts incisions are almost invisible and the fat reduction is homogeneous.


Patients usually stay at the clinic under observation during at least 24 hours. Painkillers are prescribed to avoid discomfort and pain during the initial recovery.


Depending on the number and size of areas to be treated, liposuction can be carried out under general or local anesthesia with sedation. This will be discussed with your surgeon and anesthesiologist.


Immediately after the surgery and during 2 to 3 days, soreness of the treated areas is frequent, but fades quickly. Bruising is normal after the procedure and last 2 to 3 weeks whereas swelling can persist a little longer. Improved body contours begin to appear a week after surgery, but the final result can only be appreciated after 3 months. A compressive garment must be worn during 2 to 4 weeks. Regular exercise and healthy eating habits are the keys to maintaining liposuction results.


Read the information sheet about liposuction.


In order for the surgeon to control your recovery and the result of your surgery, we recommend a 5 nights / 6 days stay.


You will stay 24 hours to 48 hours at the clinic and get back to your hotel room where you will still receive postoperative care.


The cost of the liposuction surgery depend on the areas to be treated :

  • Small liposuction : 1900€
  • Medium liposuction : 2100€
  • Full liposuction : 2300€€

These prices include every detail of your stay in Tunisia : 5 nights in a 5 stars hotel and 1 night at the clinic as well as your liposuction and transportation. Our all-inclusive package doesn’t however include extras such as phone calls at hotel or at the clinic and drinks. Wi-fi internet is of course accessible at both locations and compressive garment are also part of the prices.


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