Our Tunisian partnering cosmetic surgeons have decided not to perform procedures with high risks of complications or with an extended postoperative follow-up and not to operate on risk patients. However, with any surgical procedure comes a risk of complication which must be taken into account by the surgeon. Estetika Tour’s policy is the following :

In case of complication :

For each complication, there is an immediate solution which is handled by our medical staff. The patient is entirely taken care of in Tunisia. If the duration of the necessary medical care exceeds the duration of the patient’s scheduled stay, the follow-up will be done by one of our correspondent practitioners. Once the patient’s recovery is complete and if an additional procedure is necessary, it will be covered by Estetika Tour (see the modalities of this coverage below) after a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon in the patient’s country to evaluate healing and necessary touch-ups.

In case of unsatisfactory result :

An evaluation will be done based on photos. If the result is clearly insufficient or unsatisfactory, the revision procedure will be covered by Estetika Tour. In case of dispute, an arbitration must be done by a neutral surgeon chosen by the patient. This surgeon has to be registered as a cosmetic surgeon at the national medical board in the country where he practices. A record of is observations must be sent to the surgeon who has performed the surgery, and if a new procedure is required, it will be covered by Estetika Tour.

Our guarantee doesn’t apply in the following situations :

  • False information in the consultation request form (false medical history for instance)
  • Not complying with the terms stated in the personal quote : medical requirements before the surgery (smoking, prohibited medicines, etc.), intentional or unintentional disruption of the initial recovery in Tunisia
  • Not complying with the postoperative instructions given by the surgeon in charge
  • Capsular contracture : this is not considered as a complication, but as an unwanted common side effect of introducing of a foreign material in the body.

Duration of our guarantee : 8 months as of the date of the operation. Our guarantee is only valid if you are operated in Tunisia.

These commitments are contractual and based on mutual faith. Estetika Tour has a duty to provide patients with a quality follow-up service because of their particular situations and to maintain its excellent reputation.

Modalities of coverage in case of a revision procedure : Our guarantee covers the hotel stay as well as the hospitalization, the surgeons and anesthesiologist’s fees, the implants and the compressive garments. This coverage doesn’t include flights tickets.


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