Cassidy, 36, Podiatrist, Minneapolis

My face lost its roundness, particularly in my cheeks which are hollowed now. It makes me look unhealthy so I decided to request a treatment.


In order to restore youth to the face, the patient’s own fat can be harvested from other parts of the body (usually from the thighs or abdomen) and injected in different areas of the face. This method restores the natural glow and youth of the face.


As we get older, the fat located in our face, particularly in the mid section, loses its volume, which makes the skin sag. A hollowed appearance results from this process, one that is often noticeable in the cheekbones area. This hollowed appearance is obvious after massive weight loss. Facial fat grafting is also a popular and permanent alternative to non-invasive facial fillers and chin implants.


Surgical technique

The ‘donor’ site from where fat is extracted is prepared for liposuction. Once the fat is collected, it is centrifuged to separate fat cells that have been damaged during fat removal from those that are intact. The purified fat is then injected in the areas of the face needing volume and shape.


Facial fat grafting is an outpatient procedure, an overnight stay at the clinic is sometimes recommended by the surgeon.


This procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the extent of the procedure.


Even though facial fat grafting is minimally invasive, bruising can appear on the face, but usually fade after a few days. Donor sites usually fully heal after 1 to 2 weeks. Compared to a facelift, the recovery of facial fat transfer is minimal. Lymphatic draining massages might be recommended by the surgeon depending on the location of the donor sites where liposuction was performed.


Patients traveling from abroad usually stay 5 nights and 6 days.


If the surgeon allows you to be discharged the day of the procedure, you will be able to enjoy the rest of your stay at your hotel, where you will receive postoperative care, or visiting. Your surgeon will check up on your face and donor sites before your departure.


You can ask for a free personal quote for your facial fat grafting in Tunisia on the contact page of our website.


Once you get back home, we encourage you to stay in touch with your surgeon to let him know how your recovery is going.


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