I want to look younger

Abigail, 53 years old, Job seeker, Houston

I’m looking for a sales job, but my face seems tired and sad because of skin sagging which is a problem in this line of work. I want to correct that in order to feel confident in my professional and personal life.


The facelift surgery aims at brightening and rejuvenating the face. Removing excess skin and tightening the skin corrects tissue sagging of the face that occurs over time.


Every patient is different, this is why the facelift procedure is tailored to each patient’s needs. Different areas of treatment can therefore be discussed during the initial consultation : face, neck and forehead (or brow lift).


Surgical technique

Loose muscles and skin are tightened during the surgery, this double action is what preserves the natural appearance of the face durably (when the muscles are tightened as well, the skin doesn’t need to be tightened significantly). If needed, fat deposits can be removed via liposuction during the facelift. However, if the face looks too skinny, fat transfer can be used to bring volume where needed. The incisions are well hidden, for the most part, in the hairline (in the temporal region and the back of the neck) and around the ears.


In order to avoid any discomfort and pain, facelift patients usually stay at the clinic during 24 to 48 hours under observation. Painkillers are prescribed if necessary.


The procedure can be carried out under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. This will be decided after a discussion between you and your surgical team. A pre-operative evaluation is necessary and a consultation with the anesthesiologist is scheduled 24 hours before the surgery. Medication containing aspirin is forbidden during 10 days prior to surgery. Hair are washed the day before the procedure and makeup is thoroughly removed as well.


Read the information sheet about facelift surgery.


Rest is of the essence during the first days of the recovery, patients must avoid strenuous efforts. Bruising and swelling will appear in the neck and chin areas. A pulling sensation behind the ears and around the neck is also frequent. Bruising usually disappears after two weeks whereas swelling is almost entirely gone after a month. Scars are hidden in the hairline for the most part. The scars resulting from incisions around the ears can be temporarily visible, but then again they can easily be hidden by the hair. After two to three months, patients can usually see the final result, however, scars will keep fading until the sixth month following the surgery. You can expect to see your face as it was 8 to 12 years ago : rested, relaxed and refreshed.


Facelift patients usually stay in Tunisia for a week (6 nights / 7 days).


You will receive postoperative care at your hotel once you leave the clinic. A postoperative consultation with your surgeon will be scheduled before your departure. Once you’re home, you can stay in touch with your surgeon via e-mail or phone to talk about your recovery and result.


The type of facelift procedure you choose will determine the cost of the surgery which varies between 2600€ and 3200€. The price includes your clinic / hotel stay as well as your surgery. Transportation is also included in our all-inclusive package.


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