The bridge of my nose is too flat

Malika, 36 years old, Financier, New York

Even though I can live with my nose, I feel it would be way prettier with a slightly narrower bridge.


A few decades ago, plastic surgeons used to perform rhinoplasty by only taking a limited number of beauty standards in consideration. Patients’ request was almost always the same : a small and sharp nose, which produced a similar result for the majority of rhinoplasty patients. These days are fortunately long gone.


Today, most of the patients requesting rhinoplasty insist that their nose keeps its ethnic characteristics and our surgeons are happy to tailor the procedure to each patient. This trend aims at restoring a certain balance in the ethnic features of the nose rather than erasing or hiding them altogether. That being said, patients of the same ethnic group often share the same characteristics of the nose and therefore request the procedure for similar reasons.


Surgical technique

Mediterranean and Middle Eastern patients

For these patients, the problem is often an inadequate cartilaginous support which is translates into a weak base and a poorly defined nasal tip. Since those patients’ nasal is relatively thick, the refinement of the tip is a bit more complex. Patients’ requests range from erasing or reducing a nasal bump to correcting the aspect of the nasal tip (or lifting a sagging tip) and reducing the size of the nostrils.

Asian patients

Asian patients’ common objectives include a better definition of the nasal tip and building up the nasal bridge. To that end, bone grafts from the septum and cartilage grafts from the ears can be transplanted to the bridge and the nasal tip can be refined.

African American patients

For this group of patients, the request for surgery is motivated by a bridge that is too flat or too wide, by a nasal tip that’s too big or by overly wide nostrils. The procedure therefore aims at reducing the size of nostrils, transplanting cartilage grafts to the bridge in order to increase its height and refine the nasal tip.

Hispanic patients

Although this group has the biggest in terms of characteristics of the nose, a certain pattern can be identified : the Hispanic nose is usually narrower than the African nose, but wider than the Caucasian nose and with a thicker skin. The nostrils are wider and the nasal tip rounder than the average Caucasian nose, with a flatter nasal bridge as well. The surgery reduces the size of the nostrils if necessary, erases the nasal bump and refines the bridge.

Caucasian patients

The Caucasian nose is often long and narrow, with a thin skin, strong cartilages and a narrow tip. Of course, it’s not always the case. These patients often request the following : reduction or removal of the nasal bump, correction of the width or shape of the nostrils, changing the angle formed by the upper lip and the nasal tip and repairing traumas and other issues affecting the respiratory function of the nose.


The hospitalization for an ethnic rhinoplasty lasts two days at the most.


Rhinoplasty is carried out under general anesthesia.


Edema and bruises will form after the surgery, their peak occurs during the second post-operative day. After that second day, their resorption begins and the new shape of the nose appears gradually, the definitive result will however appear after several months.


The duration of the medical stay for ethnic rhinoplasty patients with Estetika Tour is five nights and six days.


Edema and bruises as well as the evolution of the shape of the nose are monitored by the surgeon during your recovery which will begin in a private clinic and continue at your hotel.


You can get a free quote of your rhinoplasty in Tunisia by filling in the contact form. Our all inclusive package includes 1 night at the clinic and 4 nights in a 5 stars hotel as well as transportation. Extras at the hotel or the clinic such as phone calls and drinks are however not included in the package.


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