My chin is holding me back ...

Heather, 39, Receptionist, Portland

My weak chin is holding me back in my professional and personal life. I’ve seen the results offered by chin surgery online and decided to go for it.


In order to correct a chin that is is too short or weak (too far back), surgeons either use implants or move the chin forward by cutting the bone. On the other hand, if the chin is too prominent or too long.


A chin deficiency, or the opposite, strongly affects the appearance of the face, especially when viewed from side. Chin surgery offers a treatment option for those who are negatively affected by the unusual size / shape of their chin.


Surgical technique

Weak chin : An 2 to 3 cm incision is made under the chin to introduce an appropriately sized silicone implant or to carry out the bone graft. The incision is sutured at the end of the procedure with a dressing covering it.

Prominent chin : The problem is usually the protrusion of the tip of the mandible and bone tissue excess can be removed by the surgeon to reshape / resize the chin.

The surgery is 1 to 1:30 hour long.


Chin surgery patient stay overnight at the clinic before going back to their hotel.


General anesthesia is used to carry out chin surgery.


Swelling and bruising will form on the lips and cheeks, bruising usually subsides in a couple of days. Painkillers can be prescribed if the patient experiences pain. Mouth opening is limited during the initial stage of the recovery and quickly returns to normal. During the first days following the surgery, bleeding of the surgical site can occur. Antibiotics are sometimes prescribed. In order to heal properly after the operation, the patient must take a few precautions :

  • Food must be tepid or cold and preferably soft. Hot, spicy or acid food must be avoided.
  • Despite bruising and swelling, maintaining a good oral hygiene lowers the risk of complication during wound healing. After every meal, tooth and gum brushing is required. Mouthwash is also prescribed to complement tooth brushing.
  • Smoking and alcohol are also to be avoided until the wound has healed.
  • Chin surgery patients usually rest during 1 week before resuming work.


Chin surgery is carried out under general anesthesia.

Length of stay

1 night


Chin surgery with Estetika Tour costs 2700 euros. This is our all-inclusive price which covers all expenses except your flight ticket :

1 night at the clinic and 4 nights at the hotel (single room and full board). We also provide transportation (airport / hotel, hotel / clinic). Extras at the clinic or at the hotel are not included (drinks and phone calls for instance).

The surgery and inherent expenses : surgeon’s fee, anesthesiologist’s fee, clinic’s expenses, chin implant, postoperative care and pharmaceuticals.


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