My butt is floppy

Megan, 23 years old, Student, Brighton

I always had a nice, firm and round butt but it became floppy over time and it bothers me. This lack of roundness is embarrassing me, I want it to be more shapely.

Buttock augmentation results


Buttock augmentation with gluteal implants rounds up flat buttocks and improves hip to buttock transition with a natural result. It is also possible to increase buttocks volume with a fat transfer (commonly called Brazilian Butt Lift) which uses your own fat to moderately increase buttocks size.


Buttock implants are recommended to increase the volume of naturally small sized buttocks, buttocks that have been flattened by weight loss or to improve hip to buttocks transition.


Surgical technique

Silicone gluteal implants are inserted through an incision located above the intergluteal fold (between the buttocks). Buttock implants are positioned in the muscle cover offered by the glutes.


An overnight stay at the clinic is required for the buttock augmentation procedure.


General anesthesia is administered right before the surgery.


Read the information sheet about buttock implants for more detailed information.


Pain levels are moderate during 8 to 10 days following the surgery. Bruising and swelling usually last 10 days. Painkillers are prescribed during the initial stage of the recovery to prevent discomfort and pain.


The initial stage of your recovery is supervised by your surgeon. 5 nights/ 6 days are required in the case of buttock augmentation.


An orderly will carry out your postoperative care at your hotel room and your surgeon will visit you the day before your departure to make sure you’re healing properly and control the result of the procedure. You can stay in touch with your surgeon once you’re home (e-mail & phone).


The price of the buttock augmentation procedure is 2800€ with round implants and 3000€ with anatomical implants). A buttock augmentation using fat transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift) costs 2500€. This price includes the surgery and your stay in Tunisia. The amount appearing in your quote is definitive, which means you won’t have to pay for anything else except your flight ticket. Your stay includes 2 nights at the clinic, 3 nights in a 5 stars hotel (single room & full board) and transportation. Extras at the hotel or at the clinic such as phone calls or drinks are not included in the price.


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