I want that part of my body back

Leann, 36, Entrepreneur, Edmonton

After breast cancer, I had to undergo a mastectomy. I just want my breasts back to feel whole and good about myself.


If you had a mastectomy because of breast cancer, you can choose to undergo breast reconstruction to restore breast symmetry by replacing skin, breast tissues and nipples. The extent of breast reconstruction depends on the mastectomy, but also on the size and location of the tumor removed.


The prospect of living without a breast or a part of it affects every woman differently. The choice one makes isn’t necessarily the right one for another woman. It’s a personal decision that is hard to make. However, advances in the field of reconstructive surgery offer excellent results. Breast reconstruction not only restores the appearance of the breasts, but also includes considerable benefits in terms of well-being and confidence.


Surgical technique

With one of our breast reconstruction specialists, you will discuss your needs and any previous surgery. In order to insert breast implants, it is sometimes necessary to use the tissue expansion method before hand with patients not having much breast tissue left. Another method involves grafting tissue from other parts of the patient’s body (abdomen, back, thighs or buttocks) to rebuild the breasts. The areolas and nipples often removed by mastectomy to avoid cancer recurrence can be recreated with tissue grafts that are tattooed to reproduce their natural color.


Breast reconstruction patients stay at the clinic during a night or two under observation.


General anesthesia is administered for this procedure.


Painkillers are prescribed to avoid discomfort and pain. Patients are encouraged to walk the second day after surgery. Breast reconstruction with implants requires a 2 nights stay at the clinic whereas autologous tissue reconstruction usually requires a longer hospitalization under medical observation. Swelling and bruising usually subside after 2 to 3 weeks.


Breast reconstruction patients usually stay 5 nights / 6 days in Tunisia.


Once discharged from the clinic, you can go back to your hotel room where postoperative care is provided. Your surgeon will check up on your recovery before your departure.


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