I want the breasts i've been dreaming about

Jenna, 38 years old, executive secretary, Cincinnati

I’m tired of not feeling feminine and i want my husband to look at me with desire. Most of all, i want to feel good about myself because i’ve been embarrassed about my breast my whole life.

Breast augmentation results


Breast augmentation is a surgical technique designed to increase breast volume to a size that is balanced with the rest of the body. With the guidance of her surgeon, the patient will choose the type of impants, the size of the implants as well as the location of the incisions that suit her needs, body type, skin, and other specifics that will be discussed in details during the initial consultation.


Breast enlargement addresses the need of many women to feel more feminine and confident, for most of them, the issue is a lack of volume and the procedure can restore both confidence and self-esteem. Breast implants are suited for hypoplastic breasts (underdeveloped) and breasts that have lost volume (following weight loss or pregnancy and breast feeding), which are patients’ most frequent concerns.

Adding volume to the breasts with implants also provides a subtle lift, it can otherwise be combined with a breast lift (mastopexy) in order to correct a more severe ptosis (sagging) of the breasts.


Surgical technique

Breast augmentation uses discreet incisions to place silicone or saline implants under the best possible tissue cover so that they are ‘hidden’. The optimal placement for most of the thin patients is behind the pectoral muscle whereas patients with more natural breast tissue coverage will benefit more from positioning the implants over the pectoral muscle. Breast implants can be placed through incisions in the inframammary fold, along the outer border of the areola or in the underarm. Each patient is different and an examination by a certified plastic surgeon is the only way to determine the best course of action.


The duration of the hospitalization for a breast augmentation usually doesn’t exceed 24 hours.


The procedure is performed using general anesthesia.


Read the information sheet about breast augmentation.


During the first 8 to 10 days following the surgery, mild pain and discomfort are frequent ; they can easy be relieved with medication. Postoperative swelling usually subsides after 4 to 6 weeks whereas bruising only last 2 weeks.


For a breast augmentation, the duration of stay is 5 nights/6 days for patient follow-up purposes.


Once discharged by your surgeon, you’ll be able to go to your hotel room. During your stay, our caregivers will make sure you receive proper postoperative care at your hotel room. Your surgeon will visit you before you leave to check how your incisions are healing and to give you postoperative instructions.


Our all-inclusive price for breast augmentation is 2400 € with round implants, and 2500 € with anatomical implants. To see what’s included in our all-inclusive price, click here.


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