My skin is sagging at the bottom of my stomach

Emily, 46, Teacher, Phoenix

After I’ve lost weight, excess skin appeared on my belly, my thighs and my buttocks. I want to get rid of this useless flabby skin.


Once skin excess and fat deposits are removed, the sagging appearance of the skin can be erased by tightening it. Aging, sun exposure and weight fluctuations cause skin elasticity to decrease which leads to sagging tissue. The procedure can treat the abdominal area, the buttocks and the thighs during the same surgery.


Body lift is recommended to :

  • Individuals presenting with severe skin laxity in one of the areas previously mentioned
  • Individuals in good health not affected by a condition that can potentially increase the risk of complications during the surgery or the recovery
  • Non smokers committing to a healthy lifestyle including exercise and healthy food


Surgical technique

The body lift typically starts with an incision along the bikini line which allows the groin, the waist, the thighs and the buttocks to be tightened in a single surgery. It also allows the removal of a pannus, or ‘apron’, consisting of fat and skin excess that protrudes and sags over the pubic area. Liposuction can be necessary to enhance body contours and the abdominal muscles are tightened if the patient presents with Diastasis Recti.


Our body lift patients usually stay 1 to 2 nights à the clinic.


General anesthesia is administered to the patient for this procedure.


Consultez la fiche informative détaillée à propos du body lift.


Bandages will stay in place over the incision. Drains are sometimes placed to extract fluids that can harmful to the wound healing process. Swelling and bruising will form after the surgery and disappear after a 3 months period. Scars can mature over a period of 1 year. 2 to 3 weeks off work are usually necessary for the initial recovery.


Patients undergoing the body lift surgery usually stay 5 days / 6 nights in Tunisia.


Once the surgeon has giving his approval, you can go back to your hotel where you will receive post operative care. You will see your surgeon during your follow up appointment the day before your departure.


To get a free personal quotation of your all-inclusive offer including a body lift in Tunisia, use the contact page of our website.


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