My inner arms are sagging

Rachel, 33 years old, Anesthesiologist, Cambridge

I managed to lose weight, but the skin of my inner arms got loose. It’s neither pretty nor comfortable, that’s why I decided to get an arm lift.

Arm lift

Arm lift, or brachioplasty, treats the sagging of the inner arms skin that causes a flabby and disproportionate appearance. This problem is often seen when body weight fluctuates a lot or significantly. The thin skin of the inner arms is very vulnerable to stretching caused by weight gain or loss, but also to natural ageing. Liposuction is used in combination with the arm lift when fat deposits are also causing tissue sagging.


Excess skin of the inner arms usually form after weight changes, that’s why so many bariatric surgery patients are struggling with those after massive weight loss and requesting brachioplasty to trim their figure. Progressive deterioration of the skin associated with ageing can also cause skin laxity, which will be more or less severe based on skin quality.


Surgical technique

Excess fat is the first to be removed when a liposuction is part of the treatment plan. Excess skin is removed through an incision that extends from the underarms to the elbows, the length of this incision varies with the amount of excess skin to be removed, it can also be horizontal in the underarm to treat relatively rare cases of mild skin laxity.


Arm lift patients usually stay overnight at the clinic.


General anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation can be used.


Swelling and bruising are systematic , the usually disappear 10 to 20 days later. Postoperative pain is mild. A tugging sensation and soreness are very common in the incision sites. Patients need to avoid sudden movements with their arms and sun exposure during the recovery.


For an arm lift, a 5 nights/ 6 days stay is usually planned.


Postoperative care is carried out at your hotel room once you’re allowed to leave the clinic. A control visit with your surgeon is scheduled before your departure.


The arm lift surgery will cost you 2200 with the all-inclusive package. To ask for a free quote, fill in the form of the contact page.


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