Cosmetic and plastic surgery in Tunisia
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In order to offer our patients the best of cosmetic surgery in Tunisia, we provide optimal conditions of hospitalization and stay as well as comprehensive care for patients traveling from abroad to benefit from the expertise of cosmetic surgery specialists at an affordable price.


Restore / correct breast proportions, shape, position and projection


Correct / improve body contours and treat skin laxity


Harmonize the facial features and treat aging signs


Bariatric surgery, dental surgery / cosmetics, ophthalmic surgery and hair transplant



Live a unique experience just like our guests

Estetika Tour works for the well-being of its patients since 2004. To guarantee the security and satisfaction of patients coming from abroad for their cosmetic surgery in Tunisia, our agency is partnered with the most renowned surgeons and private clinics in the country. Our full range of surgical and non-invasive treatments includes the most requested procedures, but also the most innovative treatments cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine have to offer. The All-inclusive package includes accommodation in a luxury hotel and the cost of the procedure (surgeon / anesthesiologist’s fee and clinic expenses). We also provide our patients with assistance and transportation (airport / clinic / hotel) during their whole stay.

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Cosmetic surgery in Tunisia

Goals of breast surgery

Breasts are an area of the woman’s body that’s particularly affected by hormonal changes, weight fluctuations and natural aging. Hormonal changes, occurring during adolescence, pregnancy or menopause, have a strong impact on breast tissue. Weight variations and aging diminish the elasticity of the breasts skin envelope, which causes some degree of sagging (referred to as breast ptosis), a loss of roundness and projection of the breasts. Breast can also be underdeveloped (hypoplastic), malformed (tuberous breasts) or removed by a mastectomy surgery. Those changes and defects are usually the reasons motivating the request for breast surgery in Tunisia. Breast surgery uses various incision techniques, a wide variety of breast implants as well as, more recently, fat grafting to restore or correct the shape, size and position of the breasts durably. To view our patients breast surgery results and get a better idea of what our surgeons in Tunisia can do for you, visit the ‘before / after’ photos page of the website.

Goals of body surgery

Again, weight fluctuations and aging have a tendency to cause some degree of skin laxity, which can usually be seen in the areas where the skin is the thinnest first. For instance, the inner thighs and the inner arms are often affected. In order to treat skin laxity in these areas, surgeons use the lifting technique, which is the removal of skin excess responsible for its pruny or flabby appearance while ensuring that skin tension is neither excessive, nor insufficient. Skin laxity worsens when weight fluctuations are significant, which is why bariatric surgery patients often resort to cosmetic surgery in Tunisia to address skin redundancy. Persisting bulges are also often a common problem for patients who, despite having a normal and stable weight, can’t get rid of certain unwanted fat deposits. This problem can be addressed by liposuction, one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Tunisia and in the world which gave birth to the fat grafting technique. The fat transfer procedure allows the fat collected by liposuction to be transferred in areas where volume and roundness are welcomed such as the buttocks, the breasts or the face.

Goals of face surgery

Harmony of the facial features has a lot to do with its beauty. This harmony relies on the features proportions, and when those are not balanced, the appearance of the face suffers. For instance, this the case when the nose is too big, when the chin is too weak, when the ears are prominent or when the lips are excessively thin. Facial surgery in Tunisia offers versatile and efficient treatments to restore normal proportions to the different features of the face, it also provides solutions to facial signs of aging which is a also one of patients’ main concerns. Due to the fact that skin’s elasticity diminishes with age, it has a tendency to stretch and sag as a consequence of gravity. In the face, it translates to excess skin accumulating along the jawline (jowls), under the chin et in the eyelids. Skin sagging can change the face’s original expression or make it seem aged, it is also true with expression lines and natural folds of the face accentuating with time. Facelift and its derived procedures offer dramatic results thanks to modern techniques, it’s usually the first choice of our specialists in Tunisia to treat skin laxity.


Our commitment

The success of a cosmetic surgery relies heavily on the surgeon’s experience, this is why Estetika Tour is only partnered with the most experienced surgeons in Tunisia with 10 years of practice at least. Graduates from the universities of Paris and trained in cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery, our surgeons changed the life of countless patients with dramatic, unique and beautiful transformations. It’s up to you to ask for their expert opinion on what you can and cannot do with the help of plastic surgery, our contact form will always be there for you to get in touch, to ask your questions or to schedule your cosmetic surgery in Tunisia.

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More and more people resort to or are interested in cosmetic surgery in Tunisia. This growing demand is the result of the refinement of medical devices and surgical techniques translating to the end of standardized operating techniques (offering the same result for every patient) in favor of versatile and adapted techniques that focus on harmony and balance. The recovery is significantly shorter and easier than before thanks to techniques that minimize tissue trauma in order to limit the patient’s immobilization and restrictions after his cosmetic surgery in Tunisia, but also to minimize possible traces of the procedure.



The medical trip in Tunisia is an opportunity to combine cosmetic treatment and tourism. The hotel you will be staying in is located by the beach, close to the clinic, the airport and the capital, which will allow you to rest to the sound of the waves, but also discover the essentials : the archaeological site of Carthage, the medina of Tunis known for its Souks and traditional restaurants as well as the city of Sidi Bou Saïd known for its smell of jasmine, traditional cafés and breathtaking view on the coast.



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